We make subjective reality objective.

We make subjective reality objective.

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Based on a developed and tested platform, system and subsystem.


Highly adaptable to your needs and specific circumstances.


Backed up by the expertise and experience needed to realize the solution’s full potential.

Our solutions

High precision and unmatched performance
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Simulation System Platform

Rt control system
Unit under test
Antenna wall
Simulation control host
Environment simulation
Control system host
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A foundation platform for testing target seekers

The real-time control system is the interface between the unit under test and the flight motion simulator. The RT engine drives the environment modelling and spatial representation in the environment simulator and antenna wall, respectively. The simulation control host and system control host is the main interfaces for the simulation and system control, respectively.


RT control systems

Implements real-time critical functions, provides RT engagement data to the ES, communicates with the UUT and FMS, simulation support through software models.

Control simulation host

Contains the UI for all simulations – defining, monitoring and replaying all simulation scenarios.

Environment simulator

Generates and manipulates radar echoes w.r.t. Doppler, RCS, range etc. based on a scenario description and controls antenna wall parameters such as gain, polarization and spatial direction.

Antenna wall

Distributes targets spatially.

Control system host

Contains the UI for system setup, monitoring and diagnostics.

Key features

Independent channels

2–4 (scalable), with up to 9 targets per ch.

Frequency band

Within Ka-band (or customer specific), expandable to other modes

Radar types

PW, FMCW, & CW, amongst others


From 150 m, targets up to 1 km in size

Web-based control GUI (system control, monitoring and calibration)

Cross-platform desktop application GUI for defining scenarios (targets, environment, countermeasures) and simulation settings

Each channel can be a target, ECM, clutter or chaff simulation

Building trust. Delivering accuracy.

Case – KaSS System

Make appearances real.

Delivering on the potential of streamlined customizability and accessible expertise the ICX Radar Environment Simulator was able to reach unmatched performance in a cost-efficient manner. Fully modified to the client’s requirements and specific circumstances.

The antenna wall platform was installed in a shielded anechoic chamber (SAC 22 m x 7 m x 7 m). Including the flight motion simulator (FMS) rig.

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Technical specifications

Independent channels

2–4 (scalable)

Frequency band

Within Ka-band (or customer specific)

Instantaneous bandwidth

1300 MHz


150 m to 150 km

Delay resolution

0.25 ns

Doppler resolution

2 Hz

Dynamic range

130 dB

Supported waveforms

Pulse, FMCW, CW

Spatial resolution

<1 mrad

Frequency range

33 GHz ~ 40 GHz

Amplitude resolution

≤ 0.25 dB

Delay (range) resolution

≤ 0.25 ns

Pulse width

≥ 25 ns

Doppler frequency

≥ 4 MHz

Power difference between channel outputs

≤ 2 dB

System update rate

≥ 1 kHz (<= 1 ms)

Polarization control

Better than 5°

Selected features

Two operational modes, a simulation mode and a full dynamic HWIL mode. Configurable event triggered dynamic scenarios with features such as:

Target characteristics
Electronics (jamming, deception)
Atmospheric effect

Our capabilities and people.

We are a subsidiary of the Swedish technology and impact accelerator Qamcom Group.

Qamcom Group supports us with an adapted R&D department and decades worth of cutting-edge expertise for cost-efficient, customized and high-performance signal processing and radar solutions.

Our team consists of industry specialists, researchers, business developers and creative enablers with one thing in common – getting you prepared for the unprepared.

Full project responsibility.

We can take on full project responsibility from concept and sketch to mass production and aftermarket activities as well as assist with on-site specialist consultancy services.

What we offer


Analysis, strategy and design for early engagement advice – helping you evaluate and develop complex system.


A Simulation System Platform based on an existing platform, system and subsystems – streamlined and customizable to various requirements and standards.


Implementation and testing – our team of industry specialists assist in implementation, testing and deployment of solutions modified to your requirements and specific circumstances.

Prepared for any situation and scenario – through true simulation.

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